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amsterdam city tours

Go with our Amsterdam City Tours if you have a long overlay at Amsterdam airport during your international flight?
Holland Private Tours offers excursions from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam City for stop over passengers and hotel guests.
Small groups and a lot of personal attention.
Our fantastic Amsterdam city tours are a great way to see all the wonderful sights of Holland!
These are not ‘drive-by’ tours. There are lots of places we’ll stop: to look at, photograph and talk about Amsterdam’s great city centre.
Along the way we’ll discover the city’s seventeenth century heritage, and also explore some places that perhaps you weren’t expecting to see.
Highlights of our Amsterdam city tours are Amsterdam’s 165 canals, with a combined length of 60 miles and 1,281 bridges. And The Royal Palace and red light district which is in fact one of the oldest and most beautiful parts of the city. The Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum are located close to each other in the Museum Quarter. We’ll make a stop at the large ‘iAmsterdam’ letters which have become an icon of the city. Independent information about Amsterdam you’ll find here.
In combination with our tour, we purchase your entrance tickets for van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. Making a reservation for Anne Frank House is not so easy.
Holland Private Tours can pick you up at Amsterdam Airport, or your hotel. After your Amsterdam City Tours back at airport in time!
Holland Private Tours is the leader in unique custom tours and excursions in Amsterdam.
A quality-driven, world class, but small company for international travelers.

With a Mini Bus 8 seater.
Perfect for small sized groups touring enjoyable journeys through all Amsterdam’s small alleys.

€ 300 or USD 360 for a 4 hour Amsterdam city tour,
€ 520 or USD 619 for a whole day tour (at least 7 hours).
Additional hours or hours less € 75 or USD 88.



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